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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  February 4, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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speak of the global women's cancer summit in northwest. it brings together government leaders experts and others to discuss issues related to research and treatment of women's cancer. another hour of news starts right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> the ravens in this game alone winning it. baltimore city. charm city. world champions. >> got that right, world champions. the baltimore ravens overcome the doubters and momentum shifting power outage to hold off the 49ers, winning their second super bowl in a dozen years. we are live with a look at the celebration. >> president obama hit the road today to rally support for his proposals to reduce gun violence. >> and here is a live look
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outside right now. just 26. about 10 degrees below average. good morning to you, washington. i am sending simpson. great to have you along as we kick off the work week. let's go to weather. >> we do have a little bit of windchill factor this morning. especially north and west of the district. overall, despite it being cold, it will be kind of a calm winter day. we have changes by late this evening. sunstone showers will move in. another clipper to bring a dusting of snow between 7:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. the rest of the week looking for some warmer weather for its there are some improvements on the way. here is that windchill factor. 21 in manassas. 13 at dulles. tenant hagerstown. -- 10 at hagerstown. some sunshine this morning, increasing clouds throughout the day. temperatures moving out of the 20's and into the middle 30's
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as we head into the afternoon. that is the latest on the forecast. time for traffic. >> good morning. monday morning. off to a quiet start from the traffic center. using into the work week, that is exactly what need. virginia, we will start with you. 395 as you come off the beltway, no delays. crossing the 14th street ridge here. in good shape. we can see our nations capital in the distance. that is the woodrow wilson bridge in the background. no problems there. for 270 a crash after route 80 urbanna but before the 109. they are trying to clear that. back to you. >> thank you so much. 6:02. only one other big story going on. that is the super bowl the only thing anyone is talking about. >> cynne donning the purple.
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as are you. absolutely. dressed appropriately for the occasion. what a win. >> expect to see a lot of purple pride around our area. the ravens now super bowl champions. certainly a good deed for the team, especially joe flacco, the mvp of the team. people talking about the game and more than just the big plays. >> baltimore, we are coming home areas >> a baltimore ravens are celebrating this morning. the team, led by the older brother in a sibling showdown at the superdome, is now super bowl champions. >> crazy. unbelievable. test to put into words. it really hasn't sunk in yet. >> the fight for the lombardi trophy in the big easy was not easy at all. one of the most charm moment in super bowl history -- a power outage in the superdome, causing a 34 minute delay. >> he way the game played out when it was 28-6 and the lights went out whatever happened, i
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just knew -- with jim being on the other side line and all the years have been together, the game would be a dogfight. >> and it was. the 49ers rallied in the second half. the ravens held on to win 34-31. expect to see celebrations today. the nfl issued a game and saying authorities now investigating the cause of the big power outage. utility company says an abnormality was detected in the system and that is the backup generators are what came on. >> thank you so much. quite a night. ravens receiver and kick returner jacoby jones had a record-setting night. he had 108 yard kickoff return touchdown. the longest kickoff return touchdown. he also set the mark for most combined yards in a game 290 total yards, including a 56 yard touchdown the end of the first half. quite a night for him.
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ravens fans around the region celebrating, not missing one moment of all of this for their second super win in 12 years. >> elated fans pouring into the streets after that final whistle. john gonzales continues our team coverage live in baltimore. >> good morning. it was not pretty, it was not perfect, but that was a bus. -- us. the streets of baltimore, it was just complete edelman for hours -- ed lamb -- bedlam for hours. people getting some rest after a long game and a long party overnight. we are at the sip and bite restaurant here. the cook your behind the counter you live here in baltimore. what does this mean to the city? just an exciting way to end the season. >> yeah it was pretty exciting. it means a lot to baltimore.
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national recognition -- anytime you in the super bowl the city just it is electric. last night was very electric and here. it was constantly with people coming in. when one person starts the chance, then they all -- it goes crazy. >> we have video of downtown baltimore from last night. it was quite a scene. we can tell you that police described it as a controlled chaos last night. we did no -- we do know of one incident, our cameras captured a news vehicle being damaged. the windchill being smashed. no reports of any injuries or arrests or anything like that. over here is lynn, one of the employees at the diner. you have your ravens shirt on. how excited are you question mark you remember the days of the colts here. >> it was sad when they moved.
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the fans brought a lot back to baltimore. we have now proved to be a lot better off. >> a lot better off. two super bowls and a 17 year span for this team. tomorrow is the big great 11:00 a.m. here in baltimore. found gonzales, abc 7 news. >> the ravens kick off the 2013 season. possible opponents include an afc north team. the patriots, pat jurors -- packers. the report for spring training one week from tomorrow. february 12. >>, the debate over guns in america, president obama travels to minneapolis today to win support for his gun policy proposals. minneapolis has taken some important steps to reduce gun violence. the president will meet with local leaders and law
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enforcement officials to discuss his country and a set of common sense ideas to reduce gun violence. maryland attorney general doug gansler hosts a forum on doug -- gun violence today. state and local leaders, law enforcement officials and legal scholars will all take part. one of the speakers is prince george's county state attorney angela also brooks. >> 26 degrees. much more still to come. secretary of the army unveiled a result of a controversial and the best ignition triggered by complaints. and another check on the forecast.
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>> my name is jeremy and i just want to say, good morning washington. >> all right. if you want to give -- we want to give a heartfelt thank you to jeremy meloy. >> send us a 10-15 second clip of your good morning washington grading. we will play it on the air. you can send the clip or youtube link to gm >> he might be getting a recording contract out of that. let's check in on weather and see what we are in store for. >> no snow until late this evening. germany -- jeremy or beyoncé?
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who is better? a cold start this morning. a dry start. cool side throughout the day. 26 at dulles. the temperature at gaithersburg 21. 25 degrees in frederick. for the most part, clear skies this morning. clear things out a little bit worried take a look over here across the midwest. this is our next clipper system which will bring snow by the evening. it could impact the latter part of your commute. a close call. if you're traveling, there may be some he lays in chicago and the walking. -- milwaukee. keep that in mind. forecast, expecting some sunshine this morning, increasing cloudiness throughout the day. i temperatures between 34 and 38 degrees. warm up a seven day forecast, just minutes away. let's go to the commuters. >> absolutely. everybody good on this monday
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morning. metrorail on-time, on schedule. last last hour they had a problem with the broken train affecting the green line. everything is good now. the shower, we just checked out five and the baltimore- washington parkway. now onto the beltway. college park, a light volume here. we like to see that. let's get back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:13 right now. a very cold 26 degrees. when unbundling up or it coming up, redskins rookie robert griffin iii talks about his recovery after knee surgery. advertisers rise to the occasion after the lights went out.
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your screen suffered a fatal blow to the head. her body was found on saturday. dna results have been completed. this investigation is continuing to figure out who killed her. she disappeared on january 21 while vacationing alone in istanbul. police have been searching for her since. they have interviewed more than a dozen people. most have been released so far. we're keeping a close eye on this story. any new details we will pass them along. back to you. >> i do so much. 6:16 right now. a deadly tour bus accident in southern california. we have already learned at least eight people died. dozens more were hurt when a bus traveling down a mountain road careened out of control and hit a car. it plowed into a pick up truck. the bus driver killed the police the bus suffered brake problems as they headed down the mountain. officials say the bus was headed to tijuana, mexico. we learn more about the man
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charged with killing a former navy seal and his friend at ac shooting range in texas. eddie ray rolfe was a veteran of the iraq war. he was in the marines from 2006- 2010. he shot and killed former navy seal chris kyle and chad littlefield saturday evening in glen rose. he is being held on $3 million bond. no motive given. he was the author of the book "american sniper." result of a service wide investigation into the behavioral health program. army secretary john mchugh will discuss the findings during a visit in washington state. complaints from patients at the facilities triggered this investigation. psychiatrist sometimes change diagnoses from automatic stress disorder to another disorder which could reduce benefits and change their plans. >> 6:17. the time to talk about the
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weather again. all we can long, every once in a while another flurry would come down. every few hours he would see something. >> it was pretty. it would snow, then melt. >> a lot people like it that way. it does not cause any trouble problems. some of us might like to combine them altogether into a big snowstorm. make everybody happy. this one. >> this time around, not going to happen. the day will stay calm and drive. late this evening we will start to see some of that snow moving in. so right now around chicago and milwaukee. heading into grand rapids michigan. it will be our way probably around 7:00 p.m. or 8:00 p.m. this evening. in the meantime, we have some clearing taking place. 26 degrees as our temperature. it is a cold start. dress appropriately. a good day for sweaters.
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hats. get the kids ready for school and bundle them up. wind@six miles per hour. our temperature right now is in the low to middle 20's. a few spots right now in the teens near manassas. most of us feel immature to our body in the teens. that is why it is feeling cold this morning. 10 in hagerstown. 24 in martinsburg. seven -- 24 in winchester. our high should reach the middle 30's. it is cooler than average by almost 10 degrees. we do have a warm up on the way. here is the first one moving through, 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. we'll see snow showers then late into the evening. high pressure briefly controlling our weather early tomorrow morning the next system comes right through.
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by tuesday night into wednesday morning. then we will be down for a minute. our high temperature between 34 and 38 degrees. and tonight, we will see some snow showers. for the most part just a dusting. about .5 inch or less. we will see some or significant snow tonight. adam caskey joining us us morning. >> it is not too bad out. luckily the wind is not blowing here in alexandria. it is cold. 26 of the jewish -- 26 of the storm chaser. you can see some folks there on the platform. a lot of hoods on their head and some have. -- hats. she mentioned that coding and dusting tonight.
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same story tomorrow. temperatures about 37 today. well into the 40's, even pitching 50 by friday. at that point we could be looking at a rainmaker moving into town. a bit of uncertainty there. that is your forecast. let's get a look at the road. >> you read my mind. metrorail now on-time, on schedule. . they had a broken down train effectively green line, they say that has renamed normal schedule. to the rush-hour, news chopper seven. what a good start to our monday morning. they flew over the green belt and south on 95 and the beltway through silver spring. we are not seeing any backups at all. i love this. what's not to like? either side of town the woodrow wilson bridge, to report. 95, 390 five, that looks like a good read for everybody as well.
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back to you -- we want you to stay with us, we will have more news and traffic
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>> 6:23 right now. big honors for redskins rookie quarterback. robert griffin iii was named the nfl offensive rookie of the year. he was in new orleans to accept
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the honor in person. you can see him striding confidently on that repaired leg. he joked that it was a blessing he was able to stand on stage to receive the award. looking pretty good there. i am curious to find out exactly what he had to say about it. we know he talked about it. we are waiting updates to see how quickly he can be on the field. >> i know you are a big rg3 fan and have been keeping a close watch on the developments. x absolutely. the redskins were not playing in the super bowl, but he was in new orleans to get that award. he spoke exclusively with redskins -- reskinst >> as of right now, i am walking. i am walking upstairs. i can do as many other things without running. that is the benefit. the best thing for me after three weeks. >> just three weeks since that
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surgery. he said he looks forward to getting back on the field and seeing all of those redskins fans soon. according to espn, the nfl reached out to the redskins this weekend, asking how long they think he would be out of\\t. there is talk they want to the redskins in more of those late night time games. back to you. >> like the sound of that. 6:25. still another half hour of "good morning washington," ahead. >> back to baltimore as world champions. ray lewis retiring after getting a second super bowl win.
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>> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> the baltimore ravens send ray lewis into retirement with yet another super bowl ring. plus the record that joe flacco now shows to joe montana. >> the celebrations are poured into the streets of baltimore. we will check on them this morning. people are still celebrating. >> pizza hut has a new menu item
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that will help you get exactly what you want a repeat. it is monday, february 4. i'm scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. we want to check in with meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> you want to dress for the weather. it will be a cold start. our windchill factor, only in the teens. a sweater, long sleeves, long past -- long pants. get a scarf and some gloves. it will be a calm winter day. dry, and even full afternoon but by this evening, we are expecting snow showers to be developing between the hours of 7:00 and 2:00. if you do not like the snow and cold, hang in there. warmer weather is expected later on this week. let's show the windchill factor -- it is pretty chilly. 13 in gaithersburg. 13 at dulles.
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a 14 in manassas. your express forecast -- sunshine this morning, but clouds increase throughout the day. temperatures will make it into the mid-30s. that is the latest on your forecast. >> we are moving right along. we had some feedback there -- i will take care of that. as we hit the road running, not so bad. 395 virginia, off the beltway cross in the 14th street bridge that looks good for everybody. no problems on 95, a few delays as you push out of a dale city. 66, your travel lanes are open. beltway to tysons through alexandria, quiet. getting down to the beltway in maryland, as far as the arteries are concerned, coming on the new hampshire avenue, georgia avenue to beach drive, those lanes are open. i like to see that. back to you, scott and cynne. >> 6:30 on this monday morning.
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a lot of this going on around town. >> a lot of us sleepyheads. >> you also have that power outage for 34 minutes. >> it was worth staying up for. so i hear. let's check in with brianne carter who picks up our team coverage. >> indeed it was. there'll be days of celebrating. the baltimore ravens had a big night in the big easy. 34-31 they became super bowl xlvii champions. it was a game for the record books. joe flacco at the end of the fourth quarter, to bring home the lombardi trophy. joe flacco was named the mvp. it was about the stories associated with the game. you heard about the harbowl. the biggest orders was a real lewis, a linebacker is don playing the game. now he will have to go super bowl rings to wear in retirement. >> we won the super bowl.
6:32 am
we won the super bowl. >> ray lewis, his final game which shocked when he didn't ascended to heaven. >> the team will soon be headed back to baltimore to celebrate with their fans. a parade is scheduled for tomorrow morning. san scott, back to you. >> thank you so much. joe flacco joined elite company with his performance during the ravens performance. he threw 11 touchdowns -- 4 touchdowns and no interceptions. -- 11 touchdowns and no interceptions. 287 yards. three touchdowns and no picks last night. a passer rating, 124.2. big, big numbers for him. ravens fans taking to the streets to celebrate that big super bowl win.
6:33 am
>> absolutely. apparently, it still has not worn off. john gonzalez continues our team coverage. good morning. >> good morning, cynne and scott. we are here at the soup and bite restaurant a 24 hour diner which has been busy all night long with partyers and revelers. these partyers have to get some sleep sometime. this party will go on for many, many days. we can tell you that thousands of people hit the streets for hours after this game. it was completely crazy party. police are saying, it was a rigid of controlled chaos. -- was a controlled chaos. >> we won the super bowl. we won the super bowl.
6:34 am
>> ray lewis his final game, i was shocked when he didn't ascend to heaven. [cheering] >> we can tell you that the party continues tomorrow. there will be an official parade that begins at city hall at 11:00 tomorrow morning. it will head down to the stadium where the ravens play their regular-season games. perhaps the most well-known fan of the mall, the governor martin o'malley, he was at the game in new orleans. this is what he had to say. he said, our regions have provided an inspiration to lift for all of us to reach beyond our dreams this season. they are the heart and soul of baltimore. what a party it was! it was bedlam. we understand there were not too many problems on the streets of baltimore. reporting live, john gonzalez abc 7 news. >> thank you so much.
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we're so excited for the ravens. turning to serious news at 6:34. >> breaking news -- jummy olabanji is at the live desk. >> which spoke with montgomery county police and they confirm that they are investigating a possible sexual assault in the aspen hill area. i will show you where it is going on, the 3800 block of chester wood drive in aspen hills. this is off of connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. we are working to get some more details. anything we do get, we will make sure to pass that along. >>, so much, jimmy. a big project gets underway at the pentagon metro station. crews are replacing the south side as the letter. mattresses writers can still access the station by using the north side escalators. this project is part of a plan to replace 128 escalator's all across the metro system. we are learning more about the
6:36 am
state of d.c.'s youth. a report due out today by a coalition of park -- for-profit and nonprofit groups says nearly four in 10 third graders can read proficiently. about six in 10 students graduate school in four years. about four in ten and adults have a full-time jobs. about 10,000 low-income youths between the ages of 16-24 are not working more in school. >> still ahead the boy scouts to take -- could take action this week to stand a longstanding policy. >> is 6:36. looking outside, we will take a break in just a minute, and then we will get back to what people are bundling up for. you see the king street
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>> super bowl xlvii featured plenty of song. [singing "america the beautiful"] >> [singing "the national
6:40 am
anthem"] >> it was supposed to be a surprise destiny's child -- destiny's child reunion. let's check in with scott and jacqui in the weather center. >> i think we knew it was coming. a lot of people tune in because it was quite a show. not a big surprise that it is called out because it is february, but he said it was colder than normal. >> our high, about 10 degrees on the cool side, but we finally have a warm up in the 7-day forecast. we have more on the choice part. >> -- the chilly start.
6:41 am
>> a definite winter chill in the air. a combination of the breeze and temperatures. these are the air temperatures reported. 21 in gaithersburg. 26 in washington. very similar temperatures around the region. wind chills running in the teens in many areas. a much cooler start to the day, temperature-wise. we will see some sunshine, but then we will see the increase in cloudiness throughout the day and some light slow tonight. we'll have more in a couple of minutes. let's get a fresh update on traffic with cheney whitman. >> for the most part, it has been quiet out. not only through landover but through silver spring, and now we are on 270, take a look. look at the volume. going south to the rockville interchange, a lanes look clogged up. just a quick note, metro rail is on time and on schedule. the virginia railway express
6:42 am
that is running about 20-30 minutes behind schedule due to a medical emergency. back to you. >> thank you so
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>> welcome back. at 6:44. checking news around the world a french owned oil tanker that disappeared off the ivory coast may have been seized by pirates. the ship -- there is no further information about the ship that had 17 sailors on board. a group says a sailor was attacked on a separate attack off the coast of nigeria. >> a guantanamo up -- a guantanamo bay prisoner accused of attacking the uss kohl is in
6:45 am
a hearing. the hearing begins today. the notes will be showed to a viewing room at fort meade. the bombing of the navy destroyer killed 17 crewmembers. it wounded 37 others. >> one of israel's largest sur -- providers has been having issues with service. the service went down last night. they are investigating the malfunction. it is unclear when service will be restored. >> 7 is on your side this morning. things may be better for gay lesbian, and bisexual teams. researchers say that just over half of the gay lesbian, and bisexual teams say they had been bullied. by the end, that number had dropped to nine% per day and bisexual boys, and 6% for lesbian and bisexual girls.
6:46 am
young and gay men were almost quieter times more likely to be bullied. president obama speaking out about the boy scouts decision to consider ending its longstanding ban on gays. in an interview with cbs, he said the organization should open its membership to gays and lesbians. he praised the scott as a great institution that promotes young people and giving them lifelong leadership opportunities and training. he said nobody should be banned from that. >> my attitude is that gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity, the same way everybody else does. in every institution and what of life. >> the boys got a national executive board will be discussing the issue this week. >> two pieces of interesting news for fast food lovers -- mcdonald's is rolling out its first new happy meal in over a decade. starting this week, fish mcbites be available at u.s.
6:47 am
restaurants. it will coincide with land. pizza hut is offering something new starting today. the chain is offering what it calls pizza sliders personal pies that can be ordered in batches for families that want to customize their orders with different toppings. >> i like pepperoni. you like sausage. >> you can go half and half, right? everybody wants something different. cold pizza is always good to start off in the morning. hello, doug. >> sausage is my favorite. we see some sunshine early on. that is what we will enjoy today. already some breaks. will be a very pleasant start. it will be cloudy dropped the day. highs in the mid to upper 30's. temperatures now are in the 20s in most spots.
6:48 am
when shells are a little bit lower. -- wind chills are a littlebit lower. it feels like 19 in the city. our futurecast shows that clouds are moving in for a weather disturbance. we will have cloudiness throughout today. the evening hours, a chance of light snow. a light coating, flores, temperatures below freezing by a freak -- by a few degrees tonight. late tomorrow night, we could do the same thing over again. it will get war by the end of the week. that is the very latest. >> thank you so much. pour the first time in years, the dow opening above 14,000. >> it has been a great start. let's check in with rob nelson. >> good morning. a milestone on wall street -- the dow jones industrial average opened above 14,000 for the first time in five years.
6:49 am
the dow is now up almost 7% since the start of the year. u.s. pickup truck sales are expected to soar this year. that is great news for detroit because the cubs hall in most of the earnings for the companies. 90% for gm. zombies swarmed the box office this weekend. "warm bodies" took the top sp ot. when lights went out of the super bowl, advertisers rose to the occasion in twitter. that is america's money.
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>> welcome back. at 6:53 on this monday. now it is time for monday express. >> our roundup of today's top stories. brianne carter? >> expect to see a lot of football today. the baltimore ravens are super bowl xlvii champions. they outscored the san francisco 49ers 34-31. joe flacco was named the game's mvp. was a power outage in the stadium, something the nfl is looking into. the teams will head back to baltimore today. >> brianne, the sun is rising
6:54 am
here in terms city where thousands of fans are celebrating a super bowl victory. it was bedlam all morning long, thousands of fans chanting, cheering, and dancing. police say there were a couple of incidents including some damage caused downtown, but for the most part, a very exciting and peaceful celebration. two super bowls in 13 years. >> our partners at politico are reporting that the son of former gop presidential nominee is considering a senate run in massachusetts. this was reported first by the boston herald. there will be a special election to replace john kerry -- john kerry who just became secretary of state. the romney family has not commented. >> secretary of state john kerry says hello to thousands of workers who he will be leading.
6:55 am
he will introduce himself to state department employees this morning. >> metro will start its third major escalator replacement project, the south side escalator to the pentagon station. that will be out of service until this fall. >> for more information, visit our web site and look for the monday express tab. >> it is a cold start to the day in alexandria. 26 degrees. a fine morning, but a cold morning. we are outside the king street metro station. mid to upper 30's this afternoon. it will be a cold afternoon with another bit of dusting or coating of snow. this will cause may be under an inch of snow. this trend of cold air continues. let's go back to jacqui inside. >> all over again.
6:56 am
it is like a broken record. also, another one tomorrow night into early tomorrow morning -- when same -- wednesday morning, rather. a warm up on the line. temperatures in the mid 30's today. we'll make it into the mid to upper 40's by the end of the week. that is the latest on your forecast. let's check in traffic with jamie. >> we have a snag in maryland and connecticut avenue, heading towards chevy chase. accident in the intersection -- police will direct you through this intersection. it involves a school bus. this is connected -- connecticut avenue and the east-west highway. we are trying to assess the situation. we will keep you posted. >> thank you so much. that will do it for good morning washington. good morning america is coming up next. >> local news reports every 25 minutes. we will see back here at n
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